Jolly Phonics

Phonic Scholarz was founded Year 2018 at KharGhar (Navi Mumbai) with a vision to help little ones to Read n write Better and Spell n Speak well. Phonic Scholarz teaches and Promotes JOLLY PHONIC (U.K) methodology , a child centered effective and scientific programme that guides Children to engage, explore and experience English learning at it’s best.

What is Phonics?
Phonics is the method of teaching English Language by developing Phonic awareness. It is the connection between graphemes ( letter symols) and phonemes ( letter sounds). Phonics is one of the primary building block of reading. Without an understanding between letters and sounds, reading cannot occur.
Right from Childhood we have close association with sounds. Children are attracted to sound and replicate the same. The string of sounds form a word which in turn makes a sentence and all put together becomes a language.
Eg. (/b/ is buh) ( /e/ is eh ) (/d/ is duh). Children learn the sounds of /b/ /e/ /d / and blend the sounds ( buh – eh- duh) to learn the word bed.

What is Jolly Phonics?
Jolly Phonic is a synthetic phonic and Effective learning methodology followed worldwide. This multisensory approach is Specially designed and developed by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham and their work is published by Jolly Learning Ltd. U.K.
The courses are specially designed for children aged 4 to 10 years. There are plenty of Fun teaching aids which provide a structured lesson plan for each day teaching and enabling children to become Fluent Readers n Writers n Speakers.

The five basic skills of jolly phonics

– Learning the letter sounds:


Children learn 42 sounds with an action for each sound. This includes alphabet sounds and digraphs such as /ch/,/ /er/, /oa/etc.




– Learning letter formation:


Children learn the formation of each letter and write correctly.




– Reading (Blending): 


Children learn to blend the sounds together to make a word.



– Identifying the sounds in words (segmenting):


Children identify the different sounds in a word and write correctly.




– Tricky words:


All the words in English cannot be read in Phonics he, one, said… The irregular spellings are read by sight word reading or made to spell repeatedly to gain spelling and reading fluency




All About Courses

I. Phonic CrawlerZ …The course is suitable for kindergarten children( aged 4 and 5) and the programme focuses on the following:
• Introducing 42 Jolly Phonic sounds
• 42 Jolly Phonic songs and actions
• Differentiate between letter name and sound
• Builidng vocabulary
• Blending the sounds
• Segmenting the word
• Matching activity on sounds
• Consonant blend and tricky words
• Listening to story and relating to sounds
• Correct letter formation and pencil hold
• Sentence reading

II. Reader WalkerZ …The course is suitable for pre-primary children (aged 5 and 6) and the programme focuses on the following.
• Learning 42 sounds, actions and songs
• Learning alternative vowels
• Consonant blends and tricky words
• Spelling test
• Picture comprehension and creative writing
• Developing story telling ability
• Reading storybook with simple sentences

III. The SpellGram Scholarz ( Grade 1 – VI ) courses are a progression of Phonics to Grammar. It consolidates Spellings, concretizes grammar and brings in finesse in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The learning objectives are :
• Expertise in 8 parts of speech- Verb, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition, conjunction and interjection.
• Active and passive voice
• The 5 basic patterns of sentence structure
• Group activity includes group discussion and presentation on the given topic.
• Creative Writing
• Proper Pronunciation
• Communication Skills