We at little Scholarz believe in learning, amidst play and fun. The curriculum therefore is termed as “MONTESSORI FUN PLAY LEARN CURRICULUM.”

Each and every activity defines curriculum by itself.
1. Motor Skills Development :
• Toy time –  The child explores the colourful shape sorters, meaningful puzzles, disciplined stackers, threading beads and shapes to arrive at permutations and combinations, enhance their eye-hand co-ordination , thereby making learning process an educative one.
• Water & SANd Play …aids fine motor development and fulfills relaxed exploration needs.

2. Creative and Aesthetic Expression :
• Activity time – Art Exploration  as the name says Colouring, Sticking, Painting, Tea sprinkling creates a while new world of imagination when done one by one with kids.
• RHYME TIME – Next in order are ” Cows are in the meadows….a circular rhyme falling down with a husha busha to Concept rhymes, Gk rhymes full of actions, gestures and expressions are its peak.
• Nature study…is our best teacher. A caterpillar put in a jar with holes, full of curry leaves, munching to be a colorful butterfly that flies up in the sky. Visual trip to see the lushy greens of Kharghar during the rainy season.

3. Social and Emotional Development :
• Festival celebrations… Feeling the fervor of every festival is Little Scholarz pre – requisite to understand Divinity.
• Colour days – add vigor and vibrance with attires, balloons and it’s takeaways…
• Yoga – helps children relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in fun and frolic.
• Role Play – helps children to understand the world, their family, people who help them and aid them in understanding the roles that people play and will also develop a child’s growing symbolic play which will help him with literacy, numeracy and other essential.

4. Discovery of the world :
• Field trips… starting with Ganpati Darshan widens a child’s horizon of thinking…… Further Trips to Post Office…Places of Worship …Fire Station…. Nature Trip opens up Child’s imaginative thinking.
• Story times – adding spice and making kids spellbound with a vast range of Sensory books, Chid craft, Touch n Feel, Value books, audio visuals of ENGLISH Time Life stories on projector.
• Special days – days that concretize the Gk topics taught, finally adds flavour to the month’s planner like Season’s day, Insects and Flower day, Fruit and Vegetable day and so on mesmerizes the whole environment.

5.Language and Literacy :
• Puppet Shows – enacted by teachers engage Multiple intelligences. It cuts down the monotony of the daily routine with always something new to learn promoting Thinking n Language Skills..
• Jolly Phonics – A multi sensory approach to Read n Write Better and Spell n Speak Well with Fun action songs.