About Us

Walk in ToddLerz…. Walk Out Scholarz…
Little Scholarz has gone a long way since the year 2006,more than a decade now, to build a Second Home for the kids to play, have fun while they learn, beyond their mother’s lap.

LITTLE SCHOLARZ, if noticed is spelt differently with a ‘Z’. The only reason being we cater to tap the inbuilt strength of every child differently, be it academics, value based education, general awareness or extra co- curricular activities. In fact, We aim to train the body ,mind and soul from A to Z and thus that “Z” in Scholarz.

All this is done effortlessly with our Well Blended Package of Free play n Montessori ….. “Fun- Play- Learn Curriculum”which forms a strong foundation for Formal Higher Education besides generating an Interest and curiosity in little minds.

This is followed once again by a Well Balanced Combination of CBSE n ICSE Syllabus for Jr. Scholarz and Sr.Scholarz, also imparting phonic awareness of sounds in English language with Jolly Phonics.
In a nutshell, We take pride to bloom the little buds with open arms and lead them from Darkness of Ignorance to The Light of Wisdom.